Our History

Rahman Corp was founded by Mr. Md. Fazlur Rahman in the year 1986. He started with a small trading company called ‘Bandhan Trading’ in Rajshahi (North-West part of Bangladesh) and focused mainly on dealing with construction materials. It was a popular business back in the days. Later he managed to secure his license as a first-class contractor. The company handed over a lot of successful government projects and became a popular name in the field of contract business. However, Mr. Rahman always wanted to become an industrialist and wanted to contribute to the economy by creating jobs. So, he started to research all the possible fields he could enter to make his dream come true.

In 1999, he travelled to India with his friends for a holiday and there he made a trip from Bangalore to Ooty on a luxurious highway coach. The journey was very comfortable and their service really moved him. He thought of doing the same for his people back home and soon after getting back from the trip he formed his team and that was how ‘National Travels’ was born. It is now one of the most prestigious brands in the field of ‘highway coach service’.The company currently has 40 luxurious highway coaches in its fleet.

Mr. Rahman is a man who is always hungry to learn new things. His dedication to adapt to new ideas and experimenting with those ideas is truly remarkable. He never settles for anything less than ‘perfect’. His sense of ‘judging the right person for the right job’ is also something that is worthy of mention. And so, when all the things were going right for him, he decided to set up his first cold chain logistics factory.

Rajshahi (also his hometown) is very rich agriculturally and potato is one of the most essential vegetables that is grown here. However, due to improper storage of their produce, farmers, lose a lot of money every year. The idea of setting up a cold chain logistics company evolved and he figured that potato cold storage would not only become a profitable business but also solve the storage problem the farmers were facing. In 2004, he set up a cold chain logistics company called Rahman Cold Storage. It became a huge success and today it is one of the oldest and most reputed cold chain logistics company in Bangladesh.

With the increasing demand for farmers/stockists to keep their produce at cold storages, there came another idea. Cold chain logistics require a lot of jute bags in order to keep the produce safe and free of chemicals. So, he thought of manufacturing the ‘food-grade’ jute bags on his own plant. At a time, when Adamjee Jute Mill (the biggest government run jute industry in Bangladesh) had shut down completely, he was bold enough to adapt this idea and establish a jute bag industry. This was the first private jute industry in Rajshahi. The company sold jute bags locally and also exported to India market. Later in 2010, he planned to set up another jute twine factory with a vision to sell jute goods globally and create his own brand in the world. In 2012, Rahman Jute Spinners came into operation and today it is one of the most trusted organisations in the world of jute twine yarns.

Mr. Rahman is a person known for his principles and that is quite visible through his work. Many people who know him well, admires this quality of his and with this attitude, he created ‘Rahman Corp’ with a vision to create more jobs and make Rajshahi a popular place for investment.

Chronological History of Rahman Corp


Started with a small trading company called Bandhan Trading (currently closed)


Secured license as a first-class contractor


Entered transport business with 4 coaches (currently owns 40 coaches)


Established first cold chain logistic company of capacity 15,000MT


Established first private jute industry in Rajshahi (sold ownership in 2010)


Established a twine industry of capacity 9000MT (currently produces 25000MT of yarn and cloth annually)


Established second cold chain logistics company of capacity 15,000MT


Established third cold chain logistics company of capacity 3000MT


Set-up an import/export trading company


Established fourth cold chain logistics company of capacity 20,000MT


Set-up a refuelling station


Established fifth cold chain logistics company of capacity 20,000MT